"After all, it is work that counts, not the applause that follows."
- Robert Falcon Scott

For powering my HAM radio stuff I needed some good portable AC Adapter 13.8V about 3 Amps. My adapter of choice was Lenovo 20V 3.25A (FRU: 42T5283, LENOVO P/N: 36200033) since I have 3 of them from my various older laptops, they are reliable, small and well I just had them in my shelf. Now how to convert them.

Many years ago I’ve got old scuba kit from Dacor with Dacor Omni Pro diving computer and integrated pressure gauge. At the beginning it was working fine, but soon, after less than 2 dives the J539 battery went low. The display was showing low battery. So I bought a new one swapped it but the computer started showing triangle with thunder inside. According manual for different version of this diving computer some system error.

When playing with gnuradio and RDS I've encountered an error:

For one project I need to have graceful OS shutdown on raspberry pi. The shutdown pin is connected to pin 8 (raspberry connector pin 24) and hold HIGH by 10kOhm resistor connected to 3.3V Resetting button is than between this pin and GND. The script needs python-rpi.gpio to be installed.

And it's here! I'm running Raspberry PI, the old Fujitsu Siemens started reporting disk errors again and the Debian became unupdateable, plus the power consummation made me take one of my PIs, 32GB SDHC card and put it all together.
It's equipped with coolers on all it's chips, I hope stable power supply enhanced with some additional electrolytics capacitors and slowly revolving fan originally from PC power supply.

Chcieliśmy spędzić wakacje wśród pięknych krajobrazów, wolni w przestrzeni, bezpieczni na drodze, gdzieś gdzie góry spotykają się z morzem. Mając w pamięci piękno Lofotów zdecydowaliśmy się na trasę do serca norweskich fiordów – Bergen. Dodatkowo chcieliśmy jechać wzdłuż trasy  eurovelo , aby mieć pewność, że droga będzie przygotowana dla rowerzystów i oznakowana.

Update: 20.03.2013
I had to sligtly modify the patch to have it accepted. The parameters are now passed as environment variables QT_QPA_EVDEV_KEYBOARD_PARAMETERS, QT_QPA_EVDEV_MOUSE_PARAMETERS and QT_QPA_EVDEV_TOUCHSCREEN_PARAMETERS while their format remains same. For use keymap do:

export QT_QPA_EVDEV_KEYBOARD_PARAMETERS="keymap=/home/pi/cz.qmap"
./my_fancy_program -platform eglfs

Good thing is that these parameters will work also with Wayland(KMS) plugin and other platform plugins which are using EVDEV.

My patch is now merged into stable branch.

Old part:

To get fast booting environment starting to browser on raspberry pi I need QT compiled with frame buffer support and WebKit. This is not satisfied by the precompiled packages in raspbian-wheezy thus I had to compile my QT5 from source codes.

The process is not well described on QT pages so I had to create my own and this is its brief summary:

1. download raspbian image from web. http://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads
2. dd the image to the SDHC card and boot the Raspberry PI

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